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Channel 40 Sacramento: Your Trusted Source for Local News

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For over 70 years, Channel 40 Sacramento, also known as FOX40 News, has been a cornerstone of the local media landscape. Delivering impactful and trustworthy journalism, FOX40 News is dedicated to empowering viewers with the information they need to make informed decisions about their lives and communities.

This article delves into everything FOX40 News offers, making it your one-stop shop for Sacramento-area news. We’ll explore its award-winning broadcast schedule, informative digital platforms, and unwavering commitment to serving the Sacramento community.

Award-Winning News Coverage

FOX40 News boasts a team of seasoned journalists who are passionate about uncovering the stories that matter most to Sacramento residents. Their dedication is evident in the station’s impressive track record of regional Emmy Awards and Associated Press awards, recognizing excellence in investigative reporting, breaking news coverage, and weather forecasting.

Here’s a glimpse into what you can expect from FOX40 News’ programming:

  • In-depth local news: Stay abreast of the latest happenings in Sacramento, from city council meetings and local business developments to crime and public safety updates. FOX40 News provides comprehensive coverage with insightful analysis and expert commentary.
  • Hard-hitting investigative journalism: The FOX40 News investigative unit tackles complex issues facing the Sacramento area. They hold powerful institutions accountable and shine a light on stories that deserve public attention.
  • Live breaking news: FOX40 News is committed to keeping you informed around the clock. Their experienced team provides live updates and in-depth reports on breaking news events, keeping you ahead of the curve.
  • Sacramento’s trusted weather source: FOX40 News’ team of certified meteorologists provides accurate and timely weather forecasts. They keep you informed about current conditions, potential weather hazards, and long-term forecasts, empowering you to plan your day with confidence.
  • Engaging sports coverage: Sacramento’s passionate sports fans are well-served by FOX40 News’ dedicated sports team. They deliver comprehensive coverage of the region’s professional and collegiate sports teams, along with insightful commentary and analysis from local sports experts.

Stay Informed Across All Platforms


FOX40 News understands that viewers consume news in various ways. In addition to their compelling broadcast schedule, they offer a robust suite of digital platforms to ensure you can stay informed wherever you are:

  • FOX40 News website and mobile app: Access the latest news stories, live streaming of FOX40 News broadcasts, weather forecasts, and traffic updates conveniently from your desktop, phone, or tablet. The user-friendly platform allows for easy navigation and personalization of your news feed.
  • Social media: Follow FOX40 News on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for breaking news alerts, engaging content, and interactive polls. These platforms offer a great way to connect with the FOX40 News team and fellow viewers, fostering a sense of community.

Deeply Rooted in the Sacramento Community

Beyond news reporting, FOX40 News recognizes the importance of giving back to the Sacramento community they serve. They actively participate in numerous community initiatives and charitable events, demonstrating their commitment to the region’s well-being.

Here are some of the ways FOX40 News makes a positive impact:

  • Partnerships with local organizations: FOX40 News collaborates with local non-profit organizations and charities to raise awareness for important causes and support fundraising initiatives.
  • Community events: FOX40 News journalists frequently participate in community events, fostering dialogue on critical issues and connecting with viewers on a personal level.
  • High school journalism programs: FOX40 News is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of journalists. They offer mentorship programs and internship opportunities for high school students interested in pursuing careers in journalism.

FOX40 News’ commitment to the Sacramento community goes beyond reporting the news. They actively invest in the region’s future by empowering residents and fostering a sense of unity.

Why Choose FOX40 News?

In a crowded media landscape, FOX40 News stands out as a beacon of reliable and engaging local journalism. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose FOX40 News as your trusted source for Sacramento news:

  • Award-winning journalism: FOX40 News’ commitment to journalistic excellence is evident in their impressive record of awards and accolades.
  • Multi-platform accessibility: Stay informed on your terms with FOX40 News’ user-friendly website, mobile app, and active social media presence.
  • Community focus: FOX40 News is not just about reporting the news; they are deeply invested in the Sacramento community and actively work to make it a better place.

FOX40 News: Committed to Accessibility

FOX40 News recognizes that accessibility is paramount in today’s world. They strive to ensure that everyone in the Sacramento community has access to their high-quality news programming, regardless of their situation. Here are some examples of their dedication to inclusivity:

  • Closed captioning: All FOX40 News broadcasts are closed captioned, ensuring viewers with hearing impairments can stay informed about the news.
  • Spanish language news segments: FOX40 News recognizes the importance of serving Sacramento’s diverse Spanish-speaking population. They regularly integrate Spanish language news segments into their broadcasts, ensuring all residents have access to critical information.
  • On-demand content: Missed your favorite FOX40 News program? No problem! The station offers a vast library of on-demand content on their website and mobile app, allowing you to catch up on the news at your convenience.

FOX40 News: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about FOX40 News:

1. What channel is FOX40 News on?

FOX40 News broadcasts in the Sacramento area on channel 40 (VHF). You can also access their live stream and news content through their website and mobile app.

2. Does FOX40 News have a website and mobile app?

Yes! FOX40 News offers a user-friendly website and mobile app that allows you to access live streaming of their broadcasts, the latest news stories, weather forecasts, traffic updates, and more.

3. Can I follow FOX40 News on social media?

Absolutely! FOX40 News maintains active social media presences on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These platforms provide breaking news alerts, engaging content, interactive polls, and a chance to connect with the FOX40 News team and fellow viewers.

4. What kind of local news coverage does FOX40 News offer?

FOX40 News goes beyond city-wide news. They offer in-depth coverage of Sacramento’s diverse neighborhoods, local businesses, and community events. Additionally, they feature hyperlocal news segments focusing on specific suburbs and areas within the Sacramento region.

5. Is FOX40 News committed to investigative journalism?

Yes, FOX40 News has a dedicated investigative unit that tackles complex issues facing the Sacramento area. They hold powerful institutions accountable and bring important stories to light through in-depth reporting and multimedia presentations.

6. How can I get involved with the Sacramento community through FOX40 News?

FOX40 News offers various ways to get involved with the Sacramento community. You can follow their social media platforms to participate in discussions and polls. They also partner with local organizations and charities, and you can find information about these partnerships on their website.

7. What makes FOX40 News the trusted source for local news in Sacramento?

FOX40 News stands out for its award-winning journalism, commitment to the community, and innovative approach to news delivery. They offer a variety of platforms to access news, cater to diverse interests with hyperlocal coverage and community profiles, and constantly strive to stay at the forefront of local news through digital innovation and data-driven journalism.


For over seven decades, FOX40 News has been a trusted source of news and information for Sacramento residents. Their dedication to journalistic excellence, commitment to the community, and innovative approach to news delivery solidify their position as the region’s leading local news provider. Whether you seek in-depth local news coverage, live breaking news updates, or engaging digital content, FOX40 Sacramento News has something for everyone.

Tune in to FOX40 News or visit their website and mobile app to stay informed, engaged, and empowered within the vibrant Sacramento community.

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